Personalized services and innovative solutions.
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Recon offers business intelligence and risk advisory services based on the principles of quality, discretion, reliability, truthfulness and timeliness. As a global consulting partner, our goal is to identify tomorrow's international news today and provide relevant facts that have a direct impact on clients' decision-making processes.

Recon uses an extensive network and the latest technological solutions to ensure reliable and high-quality solutions. Our clients include global organizations, financial institutions, law firms, geopolitical bodies and organizations in both the public and private sectors.

We recognize the uniqueness of the client's needs and offer personalized services and innovative solutions that enable clients to face all kinds of challenges with confidence.

Recon’s cornerstones:

For companies, corporations, foundations, public and private entities

Recon provides services related to physical, technological, IT, behavioral and economic security.
It also offers financial and commercial due diligence services, anti-corruption assessments and support for legal and commercial disputes.
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Recon conducts a thorough assessment to determine the status of your current situation, using a variety of survey methodologies.
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Recon applies political, social and economic stability assessments to identify key triggers and the impact associated with these characteristics.


To minimize the risk of regulatory and compliance issues, Recon provides financial and commercial due diligence, anti-corruption assessments and litigation support.


Using our network of contacts, markets are analyzed in detail in order to assess their realities, uncover opportunities and map networks of influence so as to offer clients a competitive advantage.


To gain a competitive advantage, detailed information is obtained with the aim of developing a comprehensive profile of individuals or companies of interest.


Cyber analysis is complemented by the collection of HUMINT in order to provide a more complete set of data. A real-time view is provided by following social media, blogs, news media and Deep Web networks.


Thanks to our partners, Recon has expertise in various aspects like Command & Control Platforms, Business Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, DSS, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Fraud Detection, Face Recognition Systems.


Recon supports organizations in making their business resilient to cyber threats by protecting information and strategic assets through innovative technology solutions and consulting services.


Recon offers a variety of solutions on specific needs through a Security-by-Design’s approach for Critical Infrastructures Protection, Airport/Maritime Security, Urban Security/Safe City


Recon in the industry

Recon understands that in today's world companies need to exercise a high degree of caution, as in times of strong economic pressure it is easy to veer towards cheaper, less secure alternatives. Initiating a robust due diligence and risk management plan can help avoid costly and damaging contingencies that can tarnish a brand and disrupt business continuity. Indeed, having a proper business analysis requires experience and a significant network of valid information.


  • Industry and market entry assistant
  • Monitoring of regulatory compliance and sanctions
  • Market and competitive information (e.g. prices, terms, quality, etc.
  • Provision of auditing services in the field of compliance and risk management
  • Organization of industrial and commercial security systems and services
  • Preventive and conclusive assistance in heritage protection
  • Regulatory compliance and sanctions
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Evaluation of suppliers and partners
  • Reputation ratings
  • Contractual compliance

Recon in the legal industries

Recon works alongside clients through due diligence and market studies to mitigate potential unintended consequences during pre- and post-deal mergers and acquisitions; investments; entry into developing markets and other sensitive deals. Our methodologies allow us to identify suspicious networks and provide actionable information for client decisions.


  • Extensive experience in supporting top legal experts
  • Combination of human intelligence and cyber technology
  • Timely, relevant and usable information
  • Litigation advice
  • Intellectual property and trademark protection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Compliance with regulations and sanctions
  • Industry risk assessments
  • Antitrust litigation support
  • Strategic influence
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Geopolitical consultancy
  • Analysis of local market sensitivity
  • Pre-agreed screening and sifting
  • M&A due diligence
  • Reputational assessments

Recon in the retail and consumer goods industry

Recon understands that in order to effectively combat and undo large counterfeiting operations, innovative measures need to be implemented and serious targets set. This requires a detailed understanding of the logistics of underground economies, including production capacities, transport networks and financing mechanisms.


  • Global reach and local insight
  • Timely, relevant and usable information
  • Intellectual property and trademark protection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Reputation and network assessments
  • Regulatory compliance and sanctions
  • Industrial risk assessments
  • Partners, suppliers and contracts
  • Screening and pre-testing
  • Reputational assessments

Recon in the travel security management

Recon offers solutions for travel management, threat monitoring and logistical support for travel in critical areas, providing organizations with assistance and logistical support.
Recon uses an extensive network of local and international providers to provide global coverage, always ensuring the highest quality standards, thanks to an in-depth partner selection and analysis process.


  • Identification of accommodation facilities ensuring adequate safety standards
  • Constant dissemination of information to train crews in real time
  • Travel registration services
  • Proactive travel monitoring
  • 24/7 notifications to anticipate potential disruptions and threats
  • In-depth assessment of the local security framework
  • Transfers and close protection services

Recon in the cyber security & professional services

Recon supports organizations in making their business resilient to cyber threats by protecting information and strategic assets through innovative technology solutions and consulting services.
In a context where information is circulating dynamically, it is essential to be able to adapt protection strategies in due to avoid catastrophic impacts. In fact, Recon's mission is to protect and secure private and corporate assets from cyber-attacks while enabling business continuity without inconvenience.


  • Enhanced protection of unstructured data
  • Ease of integration with existing platforms with zero impact on infrastructure
  • Control over unstructured data within and outside the company perimeter
  • Confidentiality of managed documents
  • Compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Adoption of consolidated protection mechanisms for all business applications
  • IT Monitoring
  • Data privacy, security and cybercrime
  • Reputational and network assessments
  • Minimal impact on application design and development
  • "At the source" protection of information.
  • Analysis / Consulting / Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, Training & Education
  • Compliance & data leakage prevention, Data Privacy & GDPR
  • Security Operation Centre – SOC, NOC, Incident response & forensics
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